December Mini Project – Demons Movement Trays

Well, I know this is not a unit of minis.  But, I have a convention in March and need to have these movement trays done for it.  So, I’ll be working on them.  I’m making movement trays to match the lava crag bases that my demon army has.  I bought some wooden movement trays from Gale Force 9 and will be sculpting th lava crag terrain onto it over the next few weeks.  Then, I will be making a mold of the final pieces and casting up a set for each unit in my army. I also need to mold and cast some lava crag square bases for my team mate so our armies blend nicely on the table. I’ll post pics on Monday of what I’ve got so far.


One Response to “December Mini Project – Demons Movement Trays”

  1. shadowopal Says:

    Okay…so I’m behind already. Got the movement tray. But, haven’t sculpted yet. I’m out of town until January 6th. But, I started painting. I’ve got the following on the agenda:
    1) Movement trays: On hold until January 6th
    2) Unit of 13 Plaguebearers including full command: Assembled and primed.
    3) unit of 18 Daemonettes: Assembled and Primed.

    Now, when I say assembled, I mean they are pinned at EVERY joint and gaps are filled and they are mounting on the resin lava bases I described. So, there is nothing left to do but paint. this is a slow process. But, I’ll be sure that nothing is going to break and my paintjob will be safe once varnished.

    I’m painting the plaguebearers as I did the others I have finished as some of these (10) are going to finish the unit I have started (11 completed). Still need 4 regular troops to finish the unit. The command models will be the start of my second unit of 25. I have 20 models at home that need to be cleaned and assembled. That will be February’s project as I need to obtain 6 more troops to finish the two units completely. Then I only have one more unit of plaguebearers to buy, assemble and paint.

    5 of the daemonettes are for a previous unit. The rest are for a new unit. I have 10 plastics at home to prime and paint as well. I need to get a command set to finish off the two units. The models I have primed right now will be painted as the last unit. however, after seeing Avatar, I’m going to try and do some flourescent tatoos. If it works well, I’ll do it to the first unit as well.

    Today, I got a basecoat on the plaguebearers, I hope to do the same with the daemonettes. I have the paints to do at least two shades of highlight. Then, I’ll need to buy paint or be at home. We’ll see which happens first.

    Sorry, no pics yet. but, I don’t have a camera with me. So, my next set will have to be the Step by Step models.

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