Why Bother?

This is my little blog.  Not meant to inspire, entertain or offend (although it probably shall at some point).  The whole reason I’ve created this blog is to keep myself motivated.  You see, I’m a chronic procrastinator.  So, I’ve resolved to end this trend.  This blog will help me do so.

After I figure this system out, I will have two catagories for the blog:

1) Miniatures

2) Halloween

I will discuss projects I am working on in the two catagories.  My goals for miniatures at this point is to assemble every miniature I have in preparation for painting.  I have a goal of assembling 1 full unit of core troops and 1 special/rare unit each month minimum.  This includes casting bases as neccessary and priming the minis.  After I have a full army assembled, I will switch to painting on the same goal 1 full unit of core troops and 1 special/rare unit each month.  Once an army is completed, I will move onto the next army until all the armies I currently have are completed. I will buy no figures from other armies until I finish the armies I have. Then we’ll see.  But, honestly, I think I have enough for this lifetime.

Halloween I will have one project per month to finish.  I will be working on these projects during the weekends. This year I am going for quality of finished project instead of quantity.  I will begin in January and will need to be done by October with all the projects or they will have to wait until next year.

Well, that’s it.  You may wish it was more…but, I’m not that interesting of a person.  Enjoy.